Pet Shops Malaysia

Pet Shops Malaysia

Pet Shops Malaysia is a directory of pet shops and pet service providers in Malaysia.

This website was built to list all pet services in the country: pet stores, veterinarians, groomers, boarding services, pet sitters, pet breeders, animal shelters… whatever we can find that relates to pets and animal care.

We hope that by using our site, pet owners and their animal companions can lead better lives together by gaining better access to pet service providers, wherever you may be, and whatever your needs may be.

Find A Pet Shop

  • Visit a Pet Shop listed on our site to find pet food, toys, and other essential pet products to care for your pet.
  • Our Find A Pet Shop! feature allows you quick access to pet shop locations closest to you. This feature requires access to your location to work, so don’t freak out.

Adopt A Pet!

We strongly encourage pet adoption, and we hope you visit an Animal Shelter or other links listed on our website to pick up your new animal friend.

Find An Animal Shelter!

  • If you happen to be a superhero and rescue or pick up a stray… only God can reward you. Animals rarely ever earn any money.
  • If it so happens you can no longer care for your rescue or your beloved pet, we sincerely hope you visit an Animal Shelter to arrange for their future care.

Find A Vet

  • If your pet is sick, we truly hope you’ll take him or her to a Vet listed on our site for proper medical attention. Not all of us are as patient or as good with animals as Dr. Pol.
  • Animal anatomy and physiology is very different from humans, so best leave it to the experts.

About The Team

Behind the scenes


Mad Scientist

Built and runs this website.

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Hi, I’m Anis, and I built this website because my sister’s cats are extremely needy. I also really like animals. Pet shops and animal shelters have animals, and vets treat sick animals, so listing them down in case a potential visit was necessary seemed like a logical thing to do. I hope that with the information presented in this site pet lovers and pet parents in Malaysia will be able to lead more happy and fulfilling lives together with their animal companion(s).

My Background:

I am an MBA student, and I’ve had occupational roles in customer service, sales, and marketing, mostly for tech firms. Right now I run my own business providing digital solutions for small business and entrepreneurs worldwide.

I spend most of my time in two cities:

  • Taiping is my hometown and premise for another web app I’m working on.
  • Kuala Lumpur has faster internet, and is also where the college I go to is.

If you need to get in touch with me about this site, please call +60 17 578 0970. Sometimes I need to clean out the litter box and this phone might not be with me physically, so if I don’t pick up or return your call, please do get in touch by email.

Contributors & Collaborators


Hooman Management

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Hooman Management

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Lily drew all the pretty pictures on this site. Lily lives in France and worked with us remotely in building the artwork and visual style of this site. We haven’t heard from her since Bataclan, and we pray that she is ok and happily drawing cute cartoons for other folk around the world.


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